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It is a nice feeling to know that your propeller is not fabricated like many others on the row by a cold machine but a craft man spent time, experience and soul to make something unique just for you.



Our Workshop fabricates the propellers according to the FAA STANARDS – PART 35 PROPELLERS. Top quality lumber from USA, Canada and Asia is carefully selected in order to fulfill the humidity and raw material standards. The three different kinds of woods are cut in layers and glued in a special combination. To design a propeller we use a 3D model software and multi axes CNC machine which carves the shape of the propeller from a laminated wooden block to an accuracy of 0,1mm. Once the machine has cut the propeller, it goes on to sand it down to make it as smooth as possible. During that phase we do a lot of handcrafting in order to give to the propeller its final shape.



Special attention is paid to propellers’ balancing which is executed manually without using extra weights fitted inside the propeller’s hub. After the balancing, three coats of high quality polyurethane varnish are applied to protect the propeller from weather conditions, ultra violet rays, oil and dust. Transparent varnish underlines the wood’s unique natural beauty.


After the varnishing the propeller goes again for final balancing and fitting of the leading edge protection from aluminum foil. The final step is polishing using special wax to improve aerodynamics. Among the workshop equipment there is a dynamiter which is used to optimize propellers’ performances.

It is important to mention that in our workshop we fabricate our propellers executing every production phase internally without using any subcontractors or external co-operators which gives the opportunity to fully control the quality of our propellers and the delivery dates.