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Not only our thirty-year experience of working exclusively with wooden propellers but also many serious studies have proved that for engines up to 150hp propellers made of specific kinds of wood show better flying characteristics and fewer disadvantages in comparison with the respectively composite or metallic ones.

  • The wooden propellers do not suffer like the composite and metallic ones do from the effects of the “Resonance Phenomenon” during which the harmonic vibrations produced from the engine operation are amplified and cause cracks and early aging on the blades. Wood as a natural material holds the ability to absorb and neutralize these vibrations excluding this way the Resonance effects.

  • The wooden propellers are quitter than the composite and metallic ones.

  • They cost less, even up to half price.

  • In several cases they are repairable, without suffering from corrosion and delamination.

  • Hourly inspections by authorized inspectors are not needed.

  • Wood, as a natural material, is 100% recyclable and healthier to fabricate.

  • In case of bad landing, the wooden propeller absorbs the forces of crashing leaving the engine unaffected, which is of crucial importance especially for the paramotor pilots.


Our Workshop has been developing and fabricating paramotor (PPG), UAV, drone and ultra- light aircraft wooden propellers since 1985 and we commit to offer the most efficient, safe and top quality propellers in affordable prices.

DAEDALUS products are both mechanized (CNC) and handcrafted paying attention to detail and keeping in mind high quality standards. Utilizing a series of fabricating and processing machines, the best possible material treatment is successfully achieved.

DAEDALUS invests in new technologies, materials, designs and crafting techniques aiming at continuous improvement having as a goal to produce high-thrust and low weight propellers in order for the maximum engine performance, crisp response and safe flight to be obtained.

Our philosophy is to avoid massive low-quality production rates. Handcrafting skills-of which we are proud-characterize the fabrication process and that is the reason why crucial phases such as balancing or gluing are completed by hand.

For us here in DAEDALUS Workshop, every single propeller is a unique product and a lot of time is spent on treating it by hand with attention and care.

Since 1985, we fabricate and develop paramotor (PPG), UAV, drone and ultra-light aircraft wooden propellers.